Related Links

Below are some links to Dry Eye Disease related websites:

1. Boston Pain Foundation

The Boston EyePain Foundation was created to expand the conversation on possible causes of inadequately explained chronic dry eye and other eye pain symptoms and to support the establishment of a multidisciplinary Eye Pain Institute as a center for research for the development of new generations of treatments for neuropathic oculofacial pain.

2. EDEN (Europearn Dry Eye Network)

The scientific aims of EDEN include the development of modelling and simulation tools to improve DED diagnosis and therapeutic alternative.

3. tfos (Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society)

TFOS’ global collaboration among scientists, clinicians and industry professionals seeks action needed to help the world see better.

4. MyEyeLove By Shire

A Dry Eye Disease related website by Shire.

5. eyepowerment by Allergen

A Dry Eye Disease related website by Allergan.

6. Dry Eye Coach

Our mission is to make Dry Eye Coach the ultimate ocular surface information hub for all practitioners by providing concise instruction and a reliable network of resources for doctors and staff.

7. Dry Eye Zone

Dry Eye Zone is patient run forum regarding Dry Eye Disease.

8. Brian Holden Vision Institute

Our researchers are now investigating whether bacteria might be the key to unlocking the mystery of dry eye and developing better treatments. They are looking into the microbial community that inhabits the eye’s surface, the ‘ocular microbiome’, to determine if it plays a role in the development of MGD. A change to the balance of this ‘commensal’ community may lead to eyelid inflammation, changes to the composition of the eye’s tears or to the quality of meibum produced by the gland.