How to Get Hold of Medications That are Only Approved in the U.S.

Sometimes, there are medications that we want to use, but are not available/approved in every country. For instance latest Dry Eye Disease prescription eye drop Xiidra® which is only approved in the United States.

Where to order?

First option is Clinigen, You will have to go though your doctor to order from this website.

There is another website called GlobalRx which helps to order US Food and Drug Administration approved medications and delivers to those countries where these medications are not available/approved.

How to order?

The method of ordering a prescription medication is as following

Step one:

Use their price quote page to get a quote on the price of medication that you want to order.

Step two:

You will receive a quote from GlobalRx. Shipping costs are extra and will depend on your location and the carrier used to deliver your medication.

Step three:

Get your doctor to fax a prescription for the medication that you are ordering. You can also fill out the order form and take to your doctor to fax it with your prescription.

Step four:

After payment is complete, your order will be shipped to you.

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