Celebrities Suffering from DED

Jennifer Aniston

"I think when I was younger, it was like—who cares? You don't realize the long term effects. It takes its toll, which is I think why iI'm better about it and take care of my body now more than ever."


Marisa Tomei

"At first I didn't give my dry eyes much thought, but after a while they began bothering me throughout the day, causing me to take frequent breaks from filming to reapply over the counter eye drops," said Marisa.





Venus Williams

"I realised I had to get working, so there were days at the beginning where I did feel like I wanted to stay in bed,"



Kyle Richards

'At first, I thought I just might be getting dehydrated. I would drink more water, but that didn't work. I also noticed that I was using artificial tears several times a day.'