Dry Eye Diaries – my journey toward healing from dry eyes

My name is Judy and my Dry Eye Diaries blog shares my experiences dealing with the insidious pain of dry eye disease. Ultimately, I found a remedy that healed me of my pain!

My dry eye problems began in 2010 after cataract surgery. Most people love the improvement they get from that surgery, but I embarked upon a difficult journey I hadn’t anticipated.

I was told early on that my eye pain, which sent me to Urgent Care several times, was simply “dry eye disease” and incurable. I refused to believe that and tried to find ways to cope with it.

I was fortunate I could see an eye chart well despite my pain. I could drive and work, which many people cannot do with dry eyes. I didn’t have corneal damage and doctors couldn’t understand my pain. But I had trouble opening my eyes and even fell a few times. My life was deeply affected. I gained a lot of weight and became reclusive.

After four years of searching for answers, I found a remedy that worked. My eyes no longer tortured me and became manageable. It turned out that dry eye disease wasn’t progressive and incurable after all.

I tried so many things! In this picture, I had 21 vials of blood drawn for serum tears. Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to them.

Every person who has this condition must find their own personal remedy. It is a huge challenge while struggling with pain. I’m thankful for my on-line support group that helped me through those awful years.

I’ve created my blog to share my story and offer hope that it is possible to triumph over this disease.

My blog begins with older excerpts from another autobiographical blog of mine named myjourneysinsight. But as my eye condition impacted my life more and more, it made sense for to create a separate blog dedicated to this subject.

Below is a 3-minute inspirational video about my story that was filmed before I found relief from my condition.


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